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Crypto 101: The Ultimate BTFD Guide to PAMP Your Crypto Slang Game

Oh fam, I'm about to drop some serious knowledge on you! 🚀 When I first got into the crypto game, I was all like, "Huh? DYOR? FUD? WEN moon?" But now, I'm here to make your journey less bumpy. No more scratching your heads at these cryptic crypto terms. Buckle up and get ready to dive into the 100'ish crypto slang abbreviations you need to survive and thrive in the wild west of crypto! 📚🚀

  1. 100X: Making a hundred times the amount you put in. "Feeling bullish, this is my 100X pick."

  2. ALT: Short for alternative coins, or all coins that are not Bitcoin. "ALTS are pumping today."

  3. APE: An investor who goes into an investment without doing much research. Ex: "I just APE'd into this new meme coin, YOLO!"

  4. APY: Annual Percentage Yield. "That DeFi project has a crazy APY."

  5. ASTRO: Used to express a price target much higher than the moon. Ex: "We ain't just mooning, we're going ASTRO!"

  6. ATH: All Time High. "Bitcoin just hit a new ATH!"

  7. BEAR/Bearish: Negative sentiment or downward price movement. "Market's looking BEARISH."

  8. BEARWHALE: A big player betting against the market. "The BEARWHALE dumped, causing a massive dip."

  9. BTFD: Buy The Freaking Dip. "Prices are down, time to BTFD!"

  10. BUIDL: A play on HODL, meaning to build crypto projects. "Forget HODL, we're here to BUIDL."

  11. CEX: Centralized Exchange. "I prefer trading on a CEX for better liquidity."

  12. CT: Crypto Twitter. "CT is blowing up about this new coin."

  13. DD: Due Diligence. "Always do your DD before investing."

  14. DEFI: Decentralized Finance. "DeFi is disrupting the financial world big time!"

  15. DEX: Decentralized Exchange. "Trading on a DEX gives you control of your keys."

  16. DJM: Don't Judge Me. "DJM but I'm farming that sushi hard."

  17. DYOR: Do Your Own Research. "Don't trust me, DYOR."

  18. ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5. "Can someone ELI5 this blockchain concept?"

  19. EMH: Efficient Market Hypothesis. "EMH suggests all info is already in the price."

  20. ETF: Exchange Traded Fund. "There's a new Bitcoin ETF listed."

  21. FA: Fundamental Analysis. "The FA on this coin is strong."

  22. FARMING: Yield farming, a way to make more crypto with your crypto. "FARMING on that new DeFi platform for some serious APY."

  23. FATF: Financial Action Task Force. "The FATF is introducing new rules for crypto."

  24. FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. "I got FOMO and bought at the peak."

  25. FOMOSAPIEN: A person who often gets hit by FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and impulsively buys into trends. Ex: "I turned into a total FOMOSAPIEN during the last bull run."

  26. FOR: For the win. "This crypto project is FOR!"

  27. FORK: A split in the blockchain. "Bitcoin Cash is a FORK of Bitcoin."

  28. FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. "Ignore the FUD and keep HODLing."

  29. GAS: Fee for Ethereum blockchain operations. "GAS prices are through the roof!"

  30. GAINZY: Easy gains or profits. "That trade was GAINZY!"

  31. GFY: Go Fund Yourself. A gentle reminder that you're responsible for your financial decisions. Ex: "You want me to tell you which coin to buy? GFY, mate."

  32. GMI: Going to Make It. "Just HODL and you're GMI."

  33. GOY: Get On Your... "GOY rocket is a common phrase when a coin is pumping."

  34. HARAMBE: The late gorilla from Cincinnati Zoo turned internet meme. Used to describe a coin that's expected to make a strong comeback. Ex: "That coin is a HARAMBE."

  35. HASH: The act of performing a hash function on output data. "The HASH rate of this network is crazy."

  36. HDL: A joke version of HODL. "Price is dipping? Time to HDL!"

  37. HODL: Hold On for Dear Life. "The price is down, but I'm still HODLing."

  38. ICO: Initial Coin Offering. "I'm investing in this ICO."

  39. IMF: International Monetary Fund. "The IMF has just commented on crypto."

  40. JOMO: Joy Of Missing Out. "I didn't invest in that scam, feeling JOMO."

  41. KYC: Know Your Customer. "This exchange has strict KYC rules."

  42. LAMBO: Short for Lamborghini. It's a metaphor for the riches and lifestyle crypto investors aspire to. "When moon, when LAMBO?"

  43. LFG: Let's Freaking Go. "LFG! My coin just mooned!"

  44. LTV: Loan To Value. "The LTV on this collateral is 60%."

  45. MA: Moving Average. "The price just crossed the 200 day MA."

  46. MARBLES: Refers to one's sanity or mental clarity when dealing with the often stressful crypto market. "I'm losing my MARBLES watching this coin!"

  47. MACD: Moving Average Convergence Divergence. "The MACD just made a bullish crossover."

  48. MAE: My Address Is Empty. "Can't do anything, MAE."

  49. MAR: Market. "The MAR is looking bullish today."

  50. MAXIMALIST: Someone who believes in and supports one cryptocurrency only. "He's a Bitcoin MAXIMALIST, doesn't care about any ALTS."

  51. MCAP: Market Cap. "This coin's MCAP just passed 1 billion."

  52. MEV: Miner Extractable Value. "MEV is a complex issue in Ethereum."

  53. MERKLE TREE: Data structure used to store hashes of the transactions in a block. "A MERKLE TREE is a vital part of blockchain tech."

  54. MIA: Missing In Action. "This coin's devs are MIA."

  55. MIM: Magic Internet Money. "Crypto is the MIM of the future."

  56. MM: Market Maker. "MMs provide liquidity to the market."

  57. MOE: Moment Of Excitement. "Had a real MOE when the price pumped!"

  58. MOON: When a coin goes up in price drastically. "My coin is going to the MOON!"

  59. MOONBOOTS: The imaginary boots crypto investors put on when they believe their investments are about to increase in value. Ex: "Got my MOONBOOTS on for this one."

  60. MRT: Mining Reward Token. "The MRT of this blockchain is highly valued."

  61. MSL: Maximum Stupid Loss. "I've set my MSL for this trade."

  62. MTP: Minimum Tick Price. "The MTP on this exchange is 0.01."

  63. NGU: Number Go Up. "NGU technology is strong in Bitcoin."

  64. NFA: Not Financial Advice. "Remember, this is NFA, but I'm buying this coin."

  65. NFT: Non-Fungible Token. "That piece of art was tokenized as an NFT."

  66. NO-COINER: Someone who doesn’t own any cryptocurrency. "Don't listen to him, he's a NO-COINER."

  67. NVM: Never Mind. "NVM the FUD, this project has strong fundamentals."

  68. NW: Net Worth. "Crypto has boosted my NW significantly."

  69. OG: Original Gangster, a person who's been in the crypto game for long. "Listen to the OGs, they've seen a few cycles."

  70. OTC: Over The Counter. "Large trades often happen OTC."

  71. P2P: Peer to Peer. "Crypto enables P2P transactions."

  72. PAMP: Pump. "This coin is about to PAMP."

  73. PAPER BOI: A trader who only uses a demo account or makes hypothetical trades without using real money. Ex: "He talks a lot but he's just a PAPER BOI."

  74. PnD: Pump and Dump. "That altcoin was a classic PnD."

  75. POA: Proof Of Activity. "POA combines Proof of Stake and Proof of Work."

  76. POB: Proof Of Burn. "POB coins are permanently removed from circulation."

  77. POC: Proof Of Capacity. "POC mining uses available disk space."

  78. POD: Proof Of Developer. "POD verifies the developer's integrity."

  79. POI: Proof Of Importance. "POI is NEM's consensus algorithm."

  80. POW: Proof Of Work. "Bitcoin uses a POW system."

  81. POS: Proof Of Stake. "ETH 2.0 is shifting to a POS model."

  82. POT: Proof Of Time. "POT adds another layer of verification."

  83. PPS: Pay Per Share. "PPS mining pools pay for each share contributed."

  84. PS: Pool Staking. "PS helps to secure Proof of Stake networks."

  85. PT: Profit Taking. "There was a price drop due to PT."

  86. PUD: Price Update. "Daily PUD: Bitcoin is at $50,000!"

  87. PUMP: Increase in price. "This coin is about to PUMP!"

  88. R: Risk. "Always consider the R in any trade."

  89. R/R: Risk Reward Ratio. "I only take trades with a good R/R."

  90. REKT: Wrecked. "Got REKT on that bad trade."

  91. RNG: Random Number Generation. "RNG is crucial in crypto security."

  92. ROI: Return on Investment. "The ROI on this coin has been insane."

  93. SAFU: Safe, often used to reassure that funds are safe. "Don't worry, funds are SAFU."

  94. SATS: Satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. "I'm stacking SATS."

  95. SF: Stock to Flow. "Bitcoin's SF ratio indicates scarcity."

  96. SHILL: Promoting a coin or a project. "He's just SHILLing his bags."

  97. SHITCOIN: A derogatory term for a coin with no potential value or use. Ex: "That coin is a total SHITCOIN, avoid it."

  98. SL: Stop Loss. "Set a SL to limit potential losses."

  99. SLP: Smooth Love Potion, a reward token in Axie Infinity game. "Farming SLP in Axie is fun."

  100. : STAKING: Participating in a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) network by holding tokens. "STAKING my tokens for passive income."

  101. : SWAP: A method of trading one crypto for another. "I'll SWAP you some ETH for your BTC."

  102. : TA: Technical Analysis. "According to TA, this coin is a good buy."

  103. : TGT: Target. "The TGT for this coin is $10."

  104. : TL;DR: Too Long; Didn't Read. "TL;DR: this coin is a buy."

  105. : TO: Token Offering. "This project's TO is next week."

  106. : TOILET PAPER HANDS: A more intense version of PAPER HANDS. Traders who sell their assets at the first sign of a price drop. Ex: "Don't be TOILET PAPER HANDS, HODL through the dips."

  107. : TVL: Total Value Locked, a metric used in DeFi. "The TVL in this protocol is huge!"

  108. : TURBO: A fast move in price. "This coin just went TURBO."

  109. : VOL: Volume. "The VOL on this coin has been increasing."

  110. : WAGMI: We're All Gonna Make It. "Don't worry bro, WAGMI."

  111. : WALLET: Crypto wallets store your cryptocurrencies. "Keep your WALLET keys safe."

  112. : WHALE: A large holder. "A WHALE just moved 1000 BTC."

  113. : WOKE: Being aware of the manipulations and games in the market. "You gotta stay WOKE in the crypto game."

  114. : YEET: Selling a coin at high velocity. "That coin is tanking, time to YEET!"

  115. : YFI: Yearn.Finance. "YFI is a major player in the DeFi sector."

  116. : YOLO: You Only Live Once. "I just YOLO'd into Dogecoin."

  117. : ZEBRA: A smart investor who makes profits in any market conditions. "He's a ZEBRA, always making profits."

  118. ZUTZU: When the market's too crazy to understand. "It's all ZUTZU right now, HODL on!"

  119. : ZOOMING: A coin's price increasing rapidly. "That new coin is ZOOMING!"

And there you have it! You've just time-travelled from a crypto rookie to a seasoned crypto chad. These 100'ish crypto abbreviations should help you navigate the vibrant world of crypto Twitter, obscure Reddit threads, and beyond.

Remember, when in doubt, HODL. Stack those SATS and remember, WAGMI! So now, buckle up your seat belts, get ready to BTFD, and let's ride this rocket all the way to the

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