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A Guide to Bridging Assets from Ethereum to Shibarium - and start trading

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Unraveling the Shibarium Bridge

The Shibarium Bridge has recently been enhanced, offering users an intuitive pathway to effortlessly transfer assets from Ethereum to Shibarium. Here’s a guide to navigate this seamless process:

Procuring Your Assets:

  • Token Purchase: Kickstart by acquiring $BONE tokens.

  • Platform of Choice: These tokens are readily available on the decentralized exchanges like Shibaswap and Uniswap. Always ensure you're on the legitimate platform to counter fake websites.

Asset Bridging:

  • Navigation: After securing your tokens, head to the Shibarium Bridge at

  • Process Initiation: Follow the user-friendly prompts to start and finalize the bridging of your tokens.

Swapping Your Tokens (Optional):

  • Decentralized Exchange: If you harbor the desire to exchange your bridged tokens, ShibaSwap is your destination.

  • Trading Spectrum: A broad array of token trading options is available within the Shibarium ecosystem on ShibaSwap.

Monitoring Your Transactions:

  • Shibarium Explorer: Keep a close watch on your transaction trajectory and delve into the Shibarium blockchain intricacies using the Shibarium Explorer. This tool lays bare details about transactions, blocks, and more. Shibarium Explorer can be found here:

Shibarium Ecosystem:

Discover the Shibarium Ecosystem in Just a Few Clicks!. Just head over to Shibarium Ecosystem to seamlessly bridge your assets, delegate Bone or sign up as a validator.

  • Delegate and Earn Rewards: Fancy some extra perks? Delegate your Bones and watch the rewards roll in!

  • Become a Validator: If you're passionate about making our network even safer, sign up as a validator. By doing so, you'll play a pivotal role in securing the network.

Shibarium Network Integration:

  • Integration Rationale: To elevate your experience to a frictionless zenith, integrate the Shibarium Network into your cryptocurrency wallet. This strategic move guarantees effortless access and unparalleled management of your assets on the Shibarium platform.


The fresh innovations at the Shibarium Bridge make the transit from ETH to Shibarium not just feasible but fluidly streamlined. By heeding the guide above, users can relish the advantages of the Shibarium ecosystem effortlessly. As you sail through your crypto voyage, always prioritize safety. Anchor your endeavors in verified platforms only.

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