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A Detailed Guide to Adding Shibarium Mainnet to MetaMask Wallet

Shibarium Mainnet, Metamast, Sharbi, Shibarium University

Understanding Shibarium

Shibarium isn't just another blockchain—it's Shiba Inu's footprint in the robust DeFi and gaming ecosystem. Utilizing the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) consensus mechanism, Shibarium employs $BONE as its native currency for transactions, gas fees, and to reward validators and delegators.

Security Measures:

  • Device Security: Ensure your device is fortified with the latest security patches before engaging in crypto activities.

  • Phishing Vigilance: Double-check URLs. Bookmark pivotal crypto sites to sidestep malicious ones.

  • Private Key Confidentiality: Your private key is sacrosanct. Sharing it is akin to relinquishing your assets. Guard it zealously.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Activate MFA on all related accounts for heightened security.

  • Wallet Management: Diversify your assets. Store significant amounts in cold wallets (offline) and have only a spendable sum in hot wallets like MetaMask.

  • Routine Backups: Consistently back up your MetaMask wallet and securely stash these backups.

  • VPN Usage: Engage a reputable VPN when dealing with your crypto, especially on public networks.

Automated Setup via Shib RPC Landing Page:

  1. Navigate to the Shib RPC official landing page.

  2. Seek and select 'Add to MetaMask' within the Mainnet segment.

  3. On the subsequent MetaMask prompt, choose 'Approve'.

  4. Post-confirmation, Shibarium will be integrated into your MetaMask networks.

Adding Shibarium Network Manually:

To enrich your MetaMask with the Shibarium network, follow the systematic steps below:

Step 1: Launch your MetaMask wallet. On the top left, tap the Networks dropdown. From the ensuing options, choose “Add Network”.

Step 2: A new interface springs forth, showcasing a network list. Navigate to the bottom and select “Add a Network Manually”.

Step 3: Now, it's time to key in Shibarium’s RPC. To expedite this process, we’ve furnished the requisite RPC details below:

Post entry, hit the “Save” button.

Step 4: Kudos! Shibarium is now part of your MetaMask. Activate it by selecting the “Switch to Shibarium” button.


  • Version Compatibility: Ensure the MetaMask edition you're operating is updated. Lagging versions might resist newer blockchains.

  • Stable Connectivity: A steady internet flow is indispensable. Erratic connections can impede integration.

  • Cache Cleansing: Sometimes, browser residues cause disruptions. Consider purging your browser cache if anomalies surface.

  • Device Rejuvenation: When in doubt, reboot. Restarting devices can miraculously dissolve some glitches.

  • Community Aid: Embrace the Shiba Inu fraternity. Leverage official forums, Discord, or Telegram for assistance. But do not ever share your seed phrase or accept help from people you do not know or that are not official representatives of the Shibarium community.

Navigate safely and may your Shibarium operations flourish. Always position security at the helm of your crypto voyage.

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