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Sharbi Shibarium University security

Like a vigilant Shiba on guard, this guard is laser-focused on crypto safety. Sniffing out weak spots, reinforcing security walls, and ensuring every coin is tucked safe, this is the fortress of the digital realm.

This course will be hosted by the renowned Security Expert: Simonartonline. It will be offered through Discord and dates will be released when scheduled.

After the course if you are a 'good boy' and pass the test you'll get your treat in the form of an NFT that certifies you can now defende yourself from basic risks when on leash. 

Crypto Curriculum I

Crypto and decentralization idealist

18 years experience in Cybersecurity and anti-cybercrime
Blockchain investigator with more than 700 cases in 2 years under her belt
Author of the NFT book: Introduction to Cybersecurity for NFT artists and collectors

Boring Security DAO member and contributor
Anchor DAO founder - NFT artists rescue service after a scam

NFT Goddesses administrator and artist

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