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Chancellor Funk

Greetings, esteemed members of the crypto community,

I am Funk, the Chancellor of Shibarium University, and I, along with my distinguished colleagues, extend a warm welcome to all crypto enthusiasts eager to expand their horizons in the vast landscape of Shibarium.

Shibarium University is not merely an institution; it is an embodiment of our shared passion and commitment to understanding and navigating the complex nuances of the Shibarium ecosystem. With a mission to enlighten and elevate, we have crafted a curriculum that demystifies intricate cryptographic concepts, shedding light on the underlying mechanisms that power Shibarium and its vast potential.

Our faculty and staff hail from diverse backgrounds, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Together, we aim to create an enriching experience that caters to both the curious beginner and the well-versed crypto enthusiast.

In the spirit of fostering community and collaborative learning, we're proud to introduce $Sharbi, our signature meme token. This token serves as both a symbol of our university's ethos and a tool for engagement within our community. By aligning with $Sharbi, you're not only investing in a token but also in the continued growth and excellence of Shibarium University. Your support is integral to our journey and the advancements we aspire to achieve.

Sharbi Shibarium University Papa Funk

Guardian Shiba Shield

Hi members,


I'm Crypto Lilith a Cybersecurity expert and NFT artists enthusiast.


I'm a decentralization advocate and idealist, with a strong scientific and technology background and passion for visual arts and NFTs.  I'm a 18 year veteran in cybersecurity.

After many years working for the corporate world as Head of Cybersecurity I’ve decided to bring more value to my life and I joined the NFT Community to become a full-time artist, however, I found myself helping many crypto investors, artists and collectors to not get scammed and to recover from critical security situations.

I’m happy to apply all my experience to protect the FREEDOM of a decentralized finance systems, of the artistic expression and help build security into the foundation of an amazing community like Sharbi and many others with similar values.


Sharbi Shibarium University Lilith
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