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Community talks

We've crafted a space for voices from across the crypto community to be heard, inviting enthusiasts, experts and passionate souls a to share their takes on Shibarium's nuances or the wider crypto market.

It's a place where expression meets education, and everyone is encouraged to apply and add their voice to the chorus. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of others, and maybe even take the leap to share your own insights.

Interested: Send a dm to Chancellor Funk in the Sharbi Telegram group:

Featured guest writers

Community voices

Guest articles published on Sharbi reflect the individual perspectives and opinions of the authors and are presented to our readers as a platform for diverse viewpoints. Sharbi does not endorse or verify the claims made in these pieces. We have not fact-checked the content and assume no responsibility for inaccuracies, errors, or omissions. Readers are encouraged to exercise discernment and conduct their own research when considering the information presented in guest articles.


Shibarium University,
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Powered by $Sharbi, Shibarium University stands at the nexus of education and innovation. When you invest in $Sharbi, you're fueling a vibrant ecosystem of learning, progress, and empowerment. Each token isn't just a digital asset; it's a pledge to a shared vision of knowledge and the transformative potential of blockchain.


By choosing $Sharbi, you champion education, drive innovation, and shape the future we all dream of. Join our journey and make waves in the decentralized realm!

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